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Case 24 - George's T-Shirts - Summary

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Case 24 - George's T-shirts - Summary

Table of Contents

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Abstract - Executive Summary        5

Analysis of the Company and the Industry        6

George's T-shirts        7

Method: Possible Alternative Decisions        8

Participant (subject) characteristics        8

Sampling procedures, size, power, and precision        9

Results:  Evaluation of Alternatives (qualitative and quantitative)        9

Statistics and data analysis        9

Baseline data        10

Adverse events        10

Discussion and Recommendations        10

References        11

Devotion        12

Game        13

List of Tables

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List of Figures

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Abstract - Executive Summary

        George Lassiter is a full-time employee for a local defense contractor, and has been in his current position as a project engineer for the past six years.  While he has been working at his day-job, he has also developed a very profitable business on the side, one in which he derives great pleasure and revenue.  George’s T-Shirts has become very successful in designing, manufacturing, and marketing t-shirts to large event venues such as rock concerts, fund-raising functions and major sporting events.  He has been able to use his creative talent to make a name for himself in this niche market and has established himself as a leader in the industry; ensuring his business enjoys a perpetual flow of orders.  He has built a large group of t-shirt vendors into his business portfolio, doing business on a regular basis with this group.  He sells his t-shirts to these vendors and they in turn sell the t-shirts, via consignment, to the event attendees.

Analysis of the Company and the Industry

        Company:  George’s T-Shirts was a very lucrative business.  The business enjoyed a very steady stream of clients, based upon the reputation George had built for himself.  His t-shirts are well-produced, designed cleverly with his creative flair, and at a well-received price point.  While George enjoys the designing of his t-shirts and continues to keep at least several design schemes in-work at any one time, he also has to look to the next events planned and be continuously projecting his future event sales, which would help him to then forecast his t-shirt orders.  Of course his design and quality of apparel help those sales.  As well, he has been extremely fortunate to have a team he could count on when he was forecasting for his future events.  He has been working almost solely with one particular silk screener & shirt supply company.  Over the past several years he has been able to cull this group out of the pack and has counted on them for each order he presents to them.  They have demonstrated having a superior quality product, customer service, delivery schedule and last but not least, reasonable prices.  They do require him, however, to always order in their usual and customary allotments of 2,500.  A noteworthy item to always consider when projecting a t-shirt order.


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