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Buhler India - Assessing Growth Opportunities

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Buhler India : Assessing Growth Opportunities

We will do a 5C analysis to come to an idea whether we should enter the entry level market or not.

Customer – Customers are looking to improve and be comparable to mid-market in quality.


Political environment – Government is more supportive now.

Economic environment – Buhler has enough capital to invest and enter the market.

Social Environment - Customers are proud and want to improve their quality and capacity.

Technological environment – Buhler is much more technologically advanced than its competitors in this segment.

Collaborators – Buhler is in Bangalore so it needs collaborators in India to reach interiors. Not too many options available.

Company – Technologically advanced enough to enter this segment with enough R&D. Huge sales support to quickly gain market share.


Top – Sartake would contest heavily as it is globally no 1 and would try to take no 1 spot in India.

Mid – Strong competition with big players like Millmore, etc so increasing market share would be difficult.

Entry – Incremental share would be much easier to explore.

According to the above analysis, it is a good idea to enter the entry-level market and try to capture market share.

Since milling is of the least concern to the customer in this space the adaptation that Buhler should do is to


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