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Bmw Films

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BMW Films:

Individual Case Analysis

The Problem Statement

What is the next step for the BMW Marketing Team to continue benefitting their company through their marketing campaigns without the risk of diminishing returns?

Key Points from the Case

• 90% of the viewers on the BMW Films website prefer it if they made more films. They really liked their marketing campaign based on the reviews and feedback. This really showed that BMW had a competitive edge against other competitors.

• BMW’s targets men that are rich, well-educated, well respected, married with no children and in their 40’s. Understanding the demographics of their market is essential in a marketing campaign.

• BMW’s recent products seem to be targeted towards younger, trendy and sporty young adults given its wide range of care models which are all sedans. Only recently did it make an SUV (X5)

• It seems like BMW always starts something new, but other car brands start to imitate them and produce copycats of their marketing campaigns, seen in GoldenEye. This may cause problems if they do proceed with making more films without changing anything.

Case-Specific Question

The reason behind the BMW Films was to start something new. No other competitor at the time had any short films featuring their car as a protagonist. This non-traditional advertising approach separated it from its usual traditional advertising campaigns. It is entertaining, thrilling and the cars are visually attractive for viewers as they are playing the role as the car of the protagonist. Besides from showing that BMW drivers enjoy a sporty and active life similar to Clive Owen, these films also give the image that drivers automatically take on the role of a hero. It seems that these films promote the image that BMW


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