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Airasia Managing Strategy

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1) AirAsia focuses on maintaining a cost advantage strategy. Critically assess how they achieve this advantage and discuss whether this strategy has been successful for the company?

2) Identify external factors that could impact on the ability of AirAsia to compete successfully in the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) industry. How far can they control these factors to manage/improve their industry position?

3) Based on your analysis, propose and justify strategic options for AirAsia moving forward.

4) Critically evaluate the employed tools and approaches, including their usefulness and limitations, and appropriateness in the particular context.

The analysis requires use of an appropriate range of module perspectives, concepts and tools. The coursework will be submitted in week 9 hence testing the ability of the students to apply and evaluate the strategy tools and concepts introduced in the first six weeks of the module.

Note that you are required to propose and justify strategic options, not to make recommendations about what the organization should do next.

Participating in group work is an important skill to develop as it is something you will do in your working career. Job advertisements often highlight ‘good team worker' as a crucial skill for potential recruits.

Component Two is and individual assignment for which each student will receive a separate grade. You are not allowed to prepare your answers with other students, and you must not allow other students to read or have an electronic copy of your work.

Coursework Component Two will require students to carry out a critical assessment and interpretation of a complex case study, responding to questions assigned by the module leader. You must answer two questions, one integrative compulsory question and one further question out of a choice of three. Answers should be


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