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Aeon Vs Parkson

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Faculty of Economics and Business


94300 Kota Samarahan


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Profesor Dr. Abu Hassan bin Isa

Assignment Submission Declaration

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EBB 6113 Accounting for Managers

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Semester 3, Session 2018/2019

Assignment Title        :

Risk and Corporate Governance

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 I hereby declare that this assignment is my own work and does not involve plagiarism or collusion.


Matric No.


Saravanan A/L Govindan


Ong Li Jie


Yoong Hoi Ming


Sarah Shamini A/P Murugaya


Table of Content

  1. Introduction                                                                                01
  2. Firm Risk Management                                                                03
  1. Liquidity Analysis                                                                03
  2. Financial Analysis                                                                07
  3. Operating Analysis                                                                11
  1. Corporate Governance                                                                14
  1. Aeon Co. (M) Berhad                                                        14
  2. Parkson Retail Group Limited                                                19
  1. Long-term Investment Analysis                                                        23
  1. Aeon Vs Parkson                                                                23
  1. Profit Value and Market Value Analysis                                                31
  1. Profit of Aeon and Parkson                                                        31
  2. Market Value of Aeon and Parkson                                        32
  3. Earnings Per Share (EPS)                                                        34
  4. Return of Equity                                                                35
  5. Summary                                                                        37
  1. Return to Shareholder Analysis                                                        38
  2. Reference                                                                                41
  1. Introduction                

AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON or the Company) was incorporated on 15 September 1984. AEON was set up in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to AEON Japan to help modernise the retailing industries in Malaysia. The ‘AEON’ name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners, especially due to its association with the international AEON Group of Companies. AEON has established itself as a leading chain of General Merchandise Stores (GMS) and supermarkets. AEON’s constant interior refurbishment of stores to project an image designed to satisfy the ever-changing needs and desires of consumers is clear evidence of this. The Company’s performance has been further enhanced by the management’s acute understanding of target market needs and the provision of an optimal product mix.


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