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Would It Be Unprofessional of Cynthia to Drop Everything and Move to Crytex

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2. Would it be unprofessional of Cynthia to drop everything and move to Crytex? Would it show a lack of integrity? Could moving abruptly to Crytex have negative career consequences for her?

Based on ethical theory, libertarianism means that everyone has their own life and should be free to do whatever they wants as long as they respect others’ liberty and follow the regulation by government. Although Cynthia has the right and freedom to choose what she wants and able to follow her heart desires to do her dream job but she must be responsible to her currently job. It shows unprofessional if Cynthia drops everything and move to Crytex. Since there is a big project that Cynthia is working on Altrue and she is the driving force behind of this project, she has the responsibility to complete it and do not let her whole project team down. In addition, Cynthia said that it is just a business on her currently job. As a professional worker, they may not only take their work as a job but also take it as responsibility.

Besides that, it would show a lack of integrity for Cynthia. When people lack of integrity in their work place, people will be less responsible to their jobs. “Without responsible behavior, distrust can make a work environment tense and uncomfortable.” (Tucker, 2014). Everyone knows that the trust between people is very difficult to build. Even though, she is not same as the guy that took an existing account when he went to another firm but she destroyed the trust of people especially her team members and also harm the company. Cynthia should not leave Altrue because they have placed trust on her and company treated her fairly.

“Best people are more likely to display loyalty to their careers than to you, their employer” (Johnson, 2005). Nowadays, people are caring more and constantly go to with their careers position. From libertarianism in ethical theory, there is no negative career consequence for Cynthia. Cynthia has the human right to choose her dream jobs in Crytex. However, from the point of utilitarianism, Cynthia should not move abruptly to Crytex because it is unethical and destroy her reputation and also make harm to her current company. Crytex will think that Cynthia will be changing her loyalty in the future same as changing loyalty to her current company. Still, as long as she completes the whole project before Cynthia moves to Crytex, there will no negative career consequence for her.


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