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The Legend of 1990

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The film mainly talks about a legendary man called 1990 who has a great talent in music, but he only plays them on a ship called Virginian and never gets off. After enjoying the wonderful film, many complicated feelings crowded into my mind at the same time. I adored his talent, felt sorry about his death and confused about his behaviors. And the feelings are beyond my expressions .However, I keep asking two questions, why doesn't he want to get off the ship? What will happen if he gets off the ship? During the process of digging out the answers, I do learn something.

In the film, 1990 once said," Keyboards have millions and billions of keys that never end. That keyboard is infinite. Then on that keyboard there's no music you can play. How do you choose just one? Aren't you ever just scared of breaking apart with the thought of it?"

For one reason, I think it maybe because of the infinite options that make him feel puzzled and afraid of making the decisions. For another, maybe the ship, Virginian is the dreamland for him to escape the outer world. As a man who never lives on the land, he is afraid of the totally strange world that he once thought to be unfriendly. And it happens that nearly all of the people on board including the captain are friendly and enjoy his music very much. I doubt if such ship has ever existed, maybe it is only the dreamland that the director hope to have in life. So 1990 doesn't want to get off the ship because he feels that he can't grasp everything and make his own music in the whole world. He only wants to live in the ship as the dreamland, to escape the outer world and make his life holding in his hand to do whatever he wants to do, which means making his own music in any circumstances, even when no one was dancing anymore or when the bombs were falling.


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