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Ien-571- Spring 2019 - Buitrago - Syllabus

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IEN-571/671 – Engineering Entrepreneurship

Spring 2019

Class Hours:         Thursdays 6:25 pm – 9:05 pm

Instructor:        Jaime Buitrago, Ph.D.


Office Hours:        By appointment

Textbook:        All reading material and presentations available in Blackboard

Course Description: This course develops an understanding of the entrepreneurial processes as they apply to new technology ventures. Topics include: venture formation, venture and angel investments, innovation and creativity, business plan creation, human capital, ethics, and intellectual property.  The progression of the research topics discussed in the course is designed to follow the lifecycle of young ventures from the time of founding to subsequent outcomes such as growth, acquisition and the IPO.

Blackboard Website: All students officially registered for the course can assess the course’s website. The course website may be found at: Students should refer to this site on a regular basis for important announcements, project information, solutions to homework problems, course notes, and other ancillary materials. All submittals must be done via Blackboard, no exceptions.  

Course Policies:

E-mail Policy

Please include “[IEN-571]” in the subject line of all emails.  I will try to reply to all e-mails within 24 hours, but may respond more slowly over weekends and holidays.  Please feel free to send a follow-up email if you have not received a response from me after a day.  No submittals are to be done via email, instead use Blackboard.

Electronic Devices

You are welcome to use a laptop, tablet or other electronic device for taking notes or otherwise participating in class.  However, please do not use these devices for non-class activities such as checking email, chatting or surfing the web.

Late Assignments

Extensions should be discussed with me well in advance of any deadlines.  Late assignments will be penalized by 2/3 of a letter grade penalty for each day that the assignment is late (for example, an A- assignment that is turned in one day late would receive a B).  The exception for this policy is the Final Business Plan paper and presentation, for which no late delivery dates will be accepted.


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