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Getting More

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 Reflection paper of ‘Getting More’ 

2015123173  Chen Xingru

As most people may think, when it comes to negotiation, a high-end conference room will emerge which has a large amount of business elites in suit sitting in both sides of it. However, this book has taught me that the negotiation can not only be used in the above solemn situation, but also in our life. This book presents a new picture for people who have not previously used negotiation skills (like me) and who need to grow in the concepts of why someone may want to become a more effective communicator in general (like me too), in life, and in business. Professor Stuart Diamond’s higher stakes illustrations communicate a great deal about the Why of it's importance. He makes negotiation becomes easy and fun. We can even use an expression in our eyes or an action to achieve a negotiation which bring pleasure and great convenience to our life and work. Whether you are a director, a CEO, a general clerk or a freelancer, the negotiation skills in this book can be used.

After reading this book, I thought I had been stupid before. Things which can be fought for were too easy to give up. ‘Sorry, we cannot repair it because of the shorthanded.’ ‘Sorry, this discount card is not available in our store.’ ‘Sorry, this is our rules.’ Facing of these situations, usually I casually said: That is no problem. It is really useless. It turns out that I can get more benefits for myself through negotiation. I think this is the truest reward I have gained from this book.

Professor Stuart Diamond has emphasized that ‘people’ is the focus of negotiation, therefore it is necessary to know the opposite well before going to the further discussion. Most of his negotiating skills are actually dealing with person-related issues. Such as finding out the needs of both parties, understanding the ideas in the other's mind, and establishing personal connections with each other.


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