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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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The book called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury gives its audience different perspective on life. In this book, the main character named Guy Montag has been a fireman for ten years. He was not just any fireman that assists with demolishing fires, but he actually is a fire starter. His job involves him to burn books because the books are against the law. Montag was happy and loved his job to the point that he loves the smell of kerosene day on the way home from work, he met this young teenage girl named Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse assisted Montag with viewing world in a different light. Other people thought of Clarisse of being insane because her personality such as hiking, playing with flowers, and ask questions about life's situations. That night when he got home he has his wife Mildred near death experiences. She tried to committed suicide and her husband called the doctor to save her life. The next morning Mildred did not have any recollection of her trying to committed suicide when her husband told her about the night before. He just went on to work as usual that particular morning and he felt different after meeting Clarisse last night. He thought his co-workers and the mechanic hound was out to get him. He even went to the extreme of going into his boss's office named Captain Beatty and asked him is that mechanical hound setup to attack me. In the response to Montag's theory, Captain Beatty made this statement to him that mechanic hound just sense what people are feeling. While they were having this conservation the alarm went off and the firemen proceeded to go this old house that had books stored in the attic. The firemen or fire starters went upstairs to burn the books and the woman that stayed there was trying to protest against the burning of the books. In the process of the old woman protesting against the firemen job she did not leave the attic and when the firemen left she strike a match and set the house on fire. When Montag arrived at home he went to hide the books that he mange to take. He also questioned himself that he has not seen Clarisse in four days. He asked his wife have he seen Clarisse and her family and she respond that family is deceased. After that he went sleep and woke up sick. The smell of kerosene that he loved some much made him sick now. Captain Beatty came and visited with Montagm because he did not go to work that morning. Beatty made the comment that all firemen goes through this point in their life when they question their jobs. He explained to Montag the history of his job and who found it. He told Montag, "that all started back in 1790 when Benjamin Franklin started burning English books". Beatty also explained that books are pointless because it is basically opinions and case study of scholars when it non-fiction and when it is fictional its the imagination of authors. In the result of this, people have turned to other forms of entertainment such as radio and television.


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