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A Doll's House

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In a Doll's House the main character Nora struggles with her role in life. Some view Nora's acts as brave and determined, but is she really this woman? Nora still is an immature woman who needs to find herself. Throughout the story Nora shows many of these qualities and isn't the woman that she appears to be.

Nora's husband Torvald became ill in the story. Due to the situation her husband was in Nora decided to borrow money which she knew was against her husband wishes. Although many view Nora's act of desperation to save her husband as brave, Nora was very immature and could've went about her situation differently. Nora acted childish and had no concept of money. She wasn't ready for the responsibly of paying off a loan that she knew they could not afford.

Nora struggles between being the perfect wife and woman to who she really wants to be in life. She continually uses her sexuality throughout the story to get what she wants in life. Nora isn't living the great life that is seen from the outside. She must pay off a debt and keep it a secret from her husband. This doesn't make her the trophy-wife as everyone assumes her to be.

Nora is very money hungry especially in the beginning on the story. Nora comes home with lots of Christmas gifts knowing they haven't had much extra spending money. She also bought deserts that she had to keep a secret from her husband. Also when her husband asked her what she wanted as a gift for herself her answer was money. Her husband was aware of Nora being a spend thrift saying, "It's a sweet little bird, but it gets through a terrible amount of money. You wouldn't believe how much it costs a man when he's got a little song-bird like you!" Nora not only made bad financial decisions, but also acted as a child in many ways.

Throughout the story her husband, Torvald, gave her many silly nicknames such as squirrel and lark. She would dance for him and had many other childish manners. The author uses a special dance called the Tarantella to express Nora's character. The dance involves very fast spinning and jumping until you can't dance anymore. This dance is so exhausting they fall to the ground. "It is in constant uncertainty, like Nora's character". Not only did she act childish for her husband, but she would try to act ditzy and flirtatious with Mr. Krogstad. She pranced around trying to be the perfect woman and how she thought she was supposed to act. She did this to get what she wanted in life. This worked for her at the time. In the end though she realized that this wasn't going to get her everything in life she wanted.

Mr. Krogstad blackmailed Nora with the debt when he knew his job was endangered. Eventually Torvald finds out about the debt and the forgery. He was very angry with Nora which some thought was horrible. She did do it to save him,


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