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The Travel of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy

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What Is More Important to Effective Governance: Relationships, Trust, and Leadership, or Structures and Formal Processes?

Over the last several years, organizations struggling in order to improve governance. Without good Governance at all levels in private, public and civic organizations, it is arguably virtually impossible to achieve and to sustain effective administration, to achieve goals, to sustain quality and deliver first-rate services. Because of the fact that people have to criticism of some Governance elements about their necessity for a better education. Structures and Formal Processes is one of those that were mentioned. As a matter of fact, people have gained some noticeable success when trying to enhance relationships, trust, leadership and spent less focus on structures. Effective governance is crucial to efforts to maximize effective management for the purpose of the higher quality system. Structures and processes have been a key historical characteristic of higher education. Because an executive committee needs to have the right group of people, having particular regard to each individual’s background, skills and experience, and how the addition of an individual builds the collective capability and effective functioning of the committee. But this form of governance has come under increased pressure in recent decades. Good governance is the essential requirements for an organization to be considered successful in the eyes of all stakeholders in the 21st century.

Higher education has for a long period experienced a series of reforms and change initiatives following altered environmental conditions. As part of this process, universities have been encouraged to renew their systems of governance. While many universities historically have been governed through a system in which changing structures would be less essential than leadership, relationships and trust in creating a strong approach to governance. According to a few research, relationships and leadership can have an impact on structures and processes. During this way structures and processes begin to seem completely different in practice than they are doing on paper. as an example, a committee may begin with a particular charge, timeline, and set of procedures, nevertheless, through conversations the charge could be modified, new people could be added to the committee, and meeting procedures could be altered. In other words, structures and processes don't seem to be static.

Working with people and emerging relationships is a far more difficult, uncertain and long-term challenge. Even in the pursuit of quick-fix strategies, institutions use scientific methods which usually concentrate on structures and processes than on relationships. Due to this slant among decision-makers and leaders, it is important to embrace different tactics for modifying the intensity of academic governance. The most important element in developing a responsive governance system is by far to focus on organizational structures, such as those lines of authority, roles, procedures, and decision- making bodies.


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