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"president Jackson" by Chad Gregie

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The model of a self-made man, Andrew Jackson, a man who thought he was a man for

the people, was able to become more than he expected, and became the 7th

United States of America. Andrew Jackson was one of the best U.S. Presidents’ America has

ever had. Even before he was president, he was considered a great leader. He would sit down

with his men, asking them to not endure more than he could. When Jackson found out that there

were still British forces still in a U.S. city, he charged in, and took back the city of New Orleans.

He was later considered a National Hero when he defended New Orleans from a British army,

even though the war was over months earlier. Though he achieved great things for America,

the controversial tactics Jackson used to accomplish his goals earned him a conflicted legacy.

The way Jackson was able to complete such tasks is more controversial than what he is known

for. Even though Jackson could be considered crude, there are reasons why Jackson could be

considered to be a really great hero by most of the people.

President of the

One of the many things that President Jackson had done that made the people he

was a hero was that he tore down the National Bank. One of the reasons why Jackson did this

was because he thought that the National bank was corrupt, which in the end it was, because the

bank was run by a small group of elite bankers who just made themselves richer. The banks


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