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Life During the Cold War

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Life during the Cold War was very different between the two countries of Russia and the United States. However, it was still hard in both countries, they were just going through different things. In the United States, there was more fear. Children in schools had to, “do duck and cover drills in grade school.” Also, many people had fallout shelters ready, as well as emergency broadcast stations. Mainly, U.S. citizens had a lot of fear and they were prepared for an attack but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was a very scary time. In Russia, life still wasn’t easy. There were, “limited resources were available for people to use because most of the resources went to the military and military sciences.” Students in school were also taught how to shoot guns at a very young age and were expected to go through the scouts program. Also, it was hard to know what to believe because a lot of people were brainwashed and media was censored. Now both of these articles were biased, but still depicted a somewhat accurate look on how life was. In the U.S. citizen article, it states, “I grew up right along with the Cold War. For me it was oftentimes, very scary! Furthermore as a child of the Cold War, my life was seriously affected by it over the many years. Born right after WWII…” this shows that the person was really experiencing what happened but it could still be biased because they are a U.S. citizen. In the Russian citizen article, the person wasn’t being biased but acknowledged the bias at the time. Such as saying there was “…massive propaganda, I'd say the majority of the population was brainwashed,” as well as stating that, “All the mass media was under the government control and censorship.” It was hard for Russia to recover from the Cold War. After it was over, “Russian military spending was cut dramatically and quickly. The effects of this were very large, seeing as the military-industrial sector had previously employed


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