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Strategic Planning For Knowledge Knowledge Management

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1. Introduction

Strategic planning for


Knowledge management (KM) is the process

of identification and leverage of


organizational knowledge assets to deliver

business advantages to the organization and

implementation in

its customers. In the era of globalization, the

engineering firms

rapid adoption of information technology

(IT), and Web-based business processes,

leading companies are those who are able to

Ravi Shankar

effectively, efficiently and exhaustively

M.D. Singh

manage the knowledge that exists throughout

Amol Gupta and

the organization. For this, firms have to

undertake KM deployment as a strategic issue

Rakesh Narain

if they wish to create long-term competitive

advantage through the sustained leverage of

The authors

knowledge. However, effective deployment of

Ravi Shankar is an Assistant Professor in the Department

KM is a difficult task; many organizations

of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India.

have tried and failed to implement KM. The

M.D. Singh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of

majority of such failures go unreported in the

Mechanical Engineering, Motilal Nehru National Institute

literature ± organizations are much more

of Technology, Allahabad, India. Amol Gupta is a

likely to write about their successes! As with

Student in the Department of Computer Science, TIT&S

most other initiatives, the KM deployment

Bhiwani, Haryana, India. Rakesh Narain is a Senior

Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering,

process can be separated into the strategic

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology,

planning process and the implementation

Allahabad, India.

processes. The focus of this paper is on the

strategic planning process so as to identify a


value-proposition framework, which can work

Knowledge management, Engineering, Business strategy,

as the stepping-stone for the implementation

Strategic planning



The ''road-map'' for KM implementation

requires the conversion of organiza...

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