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Lab Report On Cheek Cell Dna Extraction

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Exercise 1 – Isolating Cheek Cell DNA

Analysis of Results

Appearance of Solution What is happening to the cells/DNA?

After lysis buffer

Clearish solution The cells outer layers are dissolved/broken down

After alcohol added

The alcohol pours into a layer on top of the solution and then it bubbled The alcohol causes the DNA to separate from other molecules in the solution

After alcohol mixed

Fine strands, that are white and clumped DNA can be seen in the clearish solution The DNA precipitates in the presence of alcohol which makes it visible


1. Why is cell lysis the first step in isolating DNA from your cells?

Cell lysis is the first step in isolating DNA because the cells first need to be broken down into smaller components to release the DNA.

2. Lysis buffer typically contains detergent. Why would this help to lyse the cells?

Detergent is used to the lyse the cells because most cells are oil-based. Detergents dissolve and break down oils, thus lysing the cells and freeing the DNA.

3.Decribe the appearance of your DNA. Is its appearance consistent with what you know about the structure of DNA? Why or why not?

My DNA is fine white strands that kind of clump. The DNA doesn't look like the typical double-helix structure that comes to mind when one thinks of DNA. This is because we are looking at many thousands of strands of DNA, not just one. One strand of DNA is not visible to the naked eye.

4. If you wanted to isolate a copy of the gene that codes for a protein found in the stomach, could that gene be located in cheek cells? Explain your reasoning.

Yes. The same DNA is found in every cell of your body. Your cheek would not produce the same proteins as the stomach though, because different DNA functions are turned on/off in different cells depending on the area/s they are located in.

5. Meat tenderizer is often used to tenderize tough pieces of meat, like steak. Knowing that steak is made of pr...

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