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Emerging Standards Of Care

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Emerging Standards of Care

Emerging standards of care encompass culturally competent nursing care, including a basic definition of cultural competence, populations most vulnerable, how to implement standards of care and the impact of care given. These will be addressed in reference to care given in long term care facilities.

When reviewing definitions of cultural competence it becomes apparent that there are many ways to look at the definition which ranges from simple to complex. A simple definition of cultural competence is "defined as obtaining cultural information and then applying that knowledge" (Culture Diversity in Nursing, 2008). Going a step further the best definition is "cultural diversity encompasses differences in age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and ability within a population. The ability to function effectively in the context of these cultural differences or diversities is cultural competency" (Pearson, Srivastava, Craig, Tucker, Grinspun, Bajnok, Griffin, Long, Porritt, Han, & Gi, 2007).

Delivering effective nursing care is becoming important in a world that is becoming smaller through global migration. Due to this migration nurses need to understand the many cultures around them. The United States has always been known as a melting pot but realistically the United States now is "in fact a pluralistic nation one in which multiculturalism and cultural diversity prevail" ("Promoting culturally competent Nursing Education," 1993). Wither you are taking care of a person in a certain culture or working alongside someone who has a different culture then the surrounding area, different norms and standards will apply.

In providing care the nurse needs to promote social justice for all. The principles of social justice guide the nurse's decisions related to the patient, family, community and others that the nurse works with or comes in contact with. Nu...


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