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Tesla Porter's Five Forces

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Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

Tesla is the only one of a kind manufacturing company in the industry right now that produces highway-capable zero-emission vehicles. This does not stop other more established manufacturers from trying to catch up with the lithium ion battery technology. According the Tesla 10-k report, they are so technology savvy , innovative and in dire need of profits that they have extended their patents of electric power train components to Daimler and Toyota. This will easily be replicated by the well established competitors and can essentially use this collaboration to their own personal advantage in the future, making this a definite threat for Tesla.

Also the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid, was introduced at the end of 2010. The Volt is priced at an affordable price of just over $40,000 whereas the Tesla Roadster is a sportier luxury vehicle priced at over $100,000, both priced before the government tax credit deduction. Competition is a very high risk factor to consider if they want to become profitable in the upcoming years.

Threat of New Entrants

Just entering the automotive industry in 2003, Tesla themselves are facing the challenges of being the new entrants into the market. A high capital is required to begin any business expenditure. Tesla is not expected to become profitable for another 18 months (Taylor, 2011). There is a relatively low barrier to entry due to the higher demand for environmental friendly vehicles and with other outlets for available technology for lithium-ion batteries, it is a level of playing field where any company can replicate (Shirouzu,2011). This is an external threat that Tesla faces because this technology is easy to imitate by competitors.

Power of Buyers

According to the Tesla 10k, they rely on their relationship with Daimler, Toyota and Lotus as they also sell their cars to individual customers. Government incentives give potential customers which is a $7,500 tax credit deduction (D...

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