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Operational Strategy Of Mcdonald's

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Operations management is an important area of management concerned with designing, organizing, controlling, scheduling and overseeing the process of production of goods and services and redesigning and reorganizing business operations. It certainly involves the tactics. It focuses on production and distribution of goods and services efficiently and effectively. Operation management is relating with process of management, which transform inputs like raw materials etc into outputs as in finished goods (McNeal, 2004).

Operations management programs generally include instruction in principles of general management, production control, plant management, industrial labor relations, equipment maintenance management, manufacturing and production systems, skilled trades supervision, cost control, productivity analysis, materials planning, systems analysis and strategic manufacturing policy (Jacobs, 2004).

According to Barnett (1996), operation is perfectly concerned with the efficient use of the organization resources. Then turn the resources into finished goods and services that must satisfy customer wants in a cost effective and time efficient way.

To understand the full theme of Operation Management we choose the corporate entity McDonald’s Corporation. In which adopting the best operational strategy and tools to make a product for the customer in such a way that would make the customer maximum satisfied. Experts also try to mark the criteria used by consumer and evaluating the specific product satisfaction. By two folds, these are order winning and order qualifying criteria. Applying so these criteria a company define its operational tasks, analyze the strategies and procedures adopted to make criteria that all the operational tasks and strategies are efficiently carried out (McNeal, 2004).

McDonalds's Introduction

McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest and most famous chain of fast-food restaurants. In 1940, the fast food restaurant started by Mr....

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